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Fall, 2017

Dear BHARE Foundation supporter,

This is the first time in 10 years that we have decided to mail out two letters in the same year. It is of vital importance that we fund The Microbiota Transfer Therapy (MTT) research at Arizona State University. Therefore, I am asking you once again for your support in this endeavor.

If you recall, I have committed that the BHARE Foundation will raise $128,000.00 for the study. To date, we have received just over $87,000 that is earmarked for this specific research. Please help us reach our goal to fully fund our portion of the study. The phase 1 study showed an 80% reduction in GI symptoms and a 25% reduction in autistic symptoms.

One area that is of great interest to me, is the study of marijuana as a treatment for autism. Last April it was announced, in what will be the first ever study of its kind, an Israeli medical center will investigate if some symptoms of autism can be reduced with the use of medical marijuana. Given the chance and funds, I would fully support such a study here in the US. The Shaare Zedel Medical Center in Jerusalem will test the effects of marijuana on 120 people classified as low-to-medium functioning on the autism spectrum. The researchers will be using liquid drops as well as placebos to determine their effectiveness. Currently, Israel has over 27,000 medical marijuana patients.

On a personal note, I feel compelled to tell you about my son Brenen. He is now 22 years old. Since the age of 6, he has had grand mal seizures, sometimes as many as 70 per month. After seeing several different doctors and many hospital stays over the years, we were able to reduce his seizure frequency to 1 or 2 per month. A little over a year ago, we decided to add marijuana to his treatment. After 5 months of experiencing no seizures, we began to reduce one of his anti-seizure medications. A significant added benefit we noted, was improved sleep and a more relaxed demeanor during his waking hours. As the months passed with no seizures, we continued the medication reduction. After 11 ½ months seizure free, and many reductions of medication, he did finally have two small seizures. While marijuana is not a cure for Brenen, it is an important piece of his puzzle. We continue to try to find a balance so he no longer has seizures, while also keeping his medication as low as possible.

Please send a check or donate now via PayPal. Ask your employer if they have a matching grant program. We are making progress and with your continued support, we will help so many that desperately need it.

Thank you,

Bram Hornstein
The BHARE Foundation

First Steps Toward a Real Treatment for Autism.

Published in January 2017

The BHARE Foundation is pleased to note that they provided funding for basic scientific research to Profs. Adams and Krajmalnik-Brown, and that basic research provided critical data that helped justify the need for FMT and helped win FDA approval for the clinical trial.

Read the full study here:


Folinic Acid Study

With your support, BHARE has been able to fund another positive study that was published this year. Please take a look at the tremendous effect you are creating by helping us fund research.

Folinic Acid Study