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Fall, 2019

Dear BHARE Foundation supporter,

I can’t believe how fast the years have gone by. In September of 1999, we hosted our 1st fundraiser, “Fitness For A Cure”. Twenty years ago I believed we would have a cure by now. While this goal has not yet been achieved, we have made great progress. We have hosted 5 educational conferences, 13 golf outings, held a dinner dance gala, created and aired a public service announcement, along with 19 years of Tag Days. Most importantly we have raised over $800,000, enabling researchers to generate no less than 15 published studies that have advanced the knowledge base of autism. Furthermore, some of that research has proven to be helpful in treating autism.

If you are on our e-mail list then you already know the great news. The researchers at ASU published a 2 year follow up study of the original FMT study of 18 children with autism. Please go to and click on the link to hear Dr. Jim Adams and Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown discuss the unexpected, but wonderful results. I am very optimistic about the larger study they are working on now. If you would like to be placed on our e-mail list, please notify us.

Recently, a study out of Baylor University indicated that a single strain of bacteria added to the gut microbiome of mice that were engineered to be autistic, eliminated social deficits. Additionally, a study from Caltech reports that transplanting gut microbes from people with autism into germ free mice, created offspring in those mice that exhibited ASD behaviors. Even more interesting, was that researchers detected altered patterns of metabolites in the colons of these mice. They found two specific levels were lower than normal. The researchers in a follow up experiment, gave those two metabolites to “autistic” mice and found that social skills improved and repetitive behaviors were reduced. Studying the metabolites is the exact mechanism BHARE is funding in the current FMT study out of ASU.

New research from Israel proves that marijuana reduces autistic symptoms. CBD with THC was administered orally to 53 children. The results are as follows: Self-injury and rage attacks decreased 68%, increasing in 9%. Hyperactivity decreased in 68% and increased in 3%. Sleep improved in 71% and worsened in 5%. Anxiety decreased in 47% and increased in 24%. Side effects included sleepiness and changes in appetite. However, marijuana in the United States remains illegal at the federal level for any purpose. Ironically, in 2018 the FDA approved the drug Epidiolex (developed in Europe) to treat seizures. The active ingredient in Epidiolex is CBD, the second most prevalent active ingredient of marijuana. Currently, 33 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes.

Our fund raising focus is now on Dr. Robert Naviaux. Next year he will begin his Phase 2 study with work on his CDR theory (cell danger response). He believes people with autism are trapped in a type of “fight or flight” phase. The body needs to switch to a “rest and digest” phase, so as to promote healing, growth, and normal neurodevelopment. His written proposal to The BHARE Foundation is for $75,000 to fund the measuring of metabolomics. This will tell us exactly what changed in each subject and help researchers understand why the treatment works on some, but not others. We are just over halfway to reaching this goal. Please help us fund this important work so that we can make a difference in the lives of so many that are in need.

Thank you,

Bram Hornstein
The BHARE Foundation

First Steps Toward a Real Treatment for Autism.

Published in January 2017

The BHARE Foundation is pleased to note that they provided funding for basic scientific research to Profs. Adams and Krajmalnik-Brown, and that basic research provided critical data that helped justify the need for FMT and helped win FDA approval for the clinical trial.

Read the full study here:

2 year follow up study shows very promising results

Folinic Acid Study

With your support, BHARE has been able to fund another positive study that was published this year. Please take a look at the tremendous effect you are creating by helping us fund research.

Folinic Acid Study