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With your support, BHARE has been able to fund another positive study that was published this year. Please take a look at the tremendous effect you are creating by helping us fund research.

Folinic Acid Study



Hitting the streets for 2015 TAG Days!
Hitting the streets for 2016 TAG Days!

In 16 years, our small, fully volunteer, and committed group, has donated over $630,000 to research.   Because of your help, over 12 different studies have been published, many of which, have influenced the direction of current research.  As I look back over 2015, and now into 2016, I feel encouraged more than ever.  Mainstream researchers for a variety of disorders, NOT including autism, are spending more funds on gut research than ever before.  Autism is an immune/gut/brain disease, and as such, research into the gastrointestinal tract will almost certainly give us some answers by default. Because of the bacterial infection Clostridium difficile, and other gastrointestinal diseases, wonderful groundbreaking work is being done. We are hopeful that people afflicted with autism will finally benefit from other “unrelated” work.

Studying the gut has been our most exciting and promising research.  Dr. Jim Adams, at Arizona State University, along with Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown and Daewook Kang, have published studies proving major differences in the total make up of types and groups of populations of bacteria in people with autism.  Recently, the team has requested financial support to study fungi/yeast, and the possible connection to autism.  I hope you will assist us in helping to fund this work.  Our goal for the Spring/Summer is to raise $15,000.  With your help, I know we can reach it.

Further research areas we would like to explore include Helminths (parasitic worms), FMT (Fecal Microbial Transplant) and Medical Cannabis.

Our 17th annual Tag Days will be June 18th, and August 13th.   Please support our efforts for two hours to raise funds for research and increase autism awareness in the community.  We can only be successful with your help!

I have often thought about grandiose ideas on how to help raise awareness and much needed funds.  Traveling across this great country for our cause is one such idea.  Many years ago, some would say that it will take forever to do that.  I choose to ask “how can we get there faster?”  Will we crawl, walk, jog, bike, drive, or fly?  That is really up to you.  There are always variables.  However, simple math tells us that if we fund research that is being requested, instead of trying to pick and choose, we stand a much greater chance of making it to the finish line faster.  My daughter brought a quote to my attention that I feel is pertinent to our situation.  “You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give.”  -Winston Churchill.  Please give today what you can.  Over 90% of what you donate, goes directly to research.  A donation of even $10 or $20 will help.  Be part of the team that gets us to the finish line faster.  We will win the race, but only with your help.  Please send a check or simply donate now via PayPal.  You do make a difference.

Thank you,
The BHARE Foundation