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Spring, 2020

Dear BHARE Foundation supporter,

During these challenging times we want you to know we remain committed to funding autism research.  Unfortunately, we will most likely have to cancel all of our annual Tag Day events, which is our largest fundraiser each year.   We need your help now more than ever so that we can help fund Dr. Robert Naviaux.  He still hopes to begin his Phase 2 study with work on his CDR theory (cell danger response) this summer.  To recap, he believes people with autism are trapped in a type of “fight or flight” phase.  The body needs to switch to a “rest and digest” phase, to promote healing, growth, and normal neurodevelopment.  We have made a commitment of $75,000 to fund the measuring of metabolomics.  This work is important as the testing will tell us exactly what changed in each subject and help researchers understand why the treatment works on some, but not others.  We need approximately $25,000 more to honor our commitment by the end of the summer.

Since the cause of autism is not one size fits all, we must continue to be open to different theories and treatments that may work.  Dr. Theoharis Theorharides from Tufts University has found that IL-37, a cytokine, which is an immune cell that is anti-inflammatory, is increased in certain areas of the brain of children with ASD.  The pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-18 is also increased.  He wants to discover if administering IL-37 will reduce brain inflammation and thus be a potential therapeutic agent to treat ASD.  He has not been able to begin this research due to a lack of funding.  His written proposal to The BHARE Foundation is a request for $100,000.  While we have not made any commitments at this time, we are intrigued by this theory and would like to see his work supported.

Autism research continues to be underfunded, a statement I have made for 20 years.  Last year in California, a 13 year old boy with ASD, while being restrained by the school staff, died from positional asphyxiation. Many people with autism don’t understand danger, and as a result are sometimes injured or worse.  Recently in Deerfield IL, a boy with ASD was the victim of a hit and run.  He left his home and walked or ran into the street sustaining numerous injuries.  This past week my son ran across the street without looking, having no awareness of the possibility of being hit by a vehicle.  He was so obsessed with looking at a door, he had no regard for any potential hazard.  Had a car been approaching at the time, he could have been hit and injured or worse.  For these reasons and more, I am committed to finding a treatment that will literally save lives.

With your help, we will fully fund Dr. Naviaux and begin raising money for the next project.  We have accomplished much, yet there is still much to be done.  The time is now.  Please donate at or send a check and help us fund this important work so that we can make a difference in the lives of so many that are in need.

Thank you,

Bram Hornstein

The BHARE Foundation

First Steps Toward a Real Treatment for Autism.

Published in January 2017

The BHARE Foundation is pleased to note that they provided funding for basic scientific research to Profs. Adams and Krajmalnik-Brown, and that basic research provided critical data that helped justify the need for FMT and helped win FDA approval for the clinical trial.

Read the full study here:

2 year follow up study shows very promising results

Folinic Acid Study

With your support, BHARE has been able to fund another positive study that was published this year. Please take a look at the tremendous effect you are creating by helping us fund research.

Folinic Acid Study