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The Bhare Foundation

The Brenen Hornstein Autism Research and Education Foundation

Our mission is to fund cutting edge biomedical autism research that will lead to a treatment and/or cure.

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Our purpose

We Educate

We help guide parents to make informed decisions about treatment options for their children. 

We Build Networks

We are volunteers with 95% of our funding being reinvested directly into research. This is vital to our community and sustainability.

We Strengthen

We enable families to better work with and understand their children who live with autism.

We Find & Fund

Our efforts are focused on finding top scientists and researchers who will perform groundbreaking research. This is a key component to continuing our science driven foundation.

We Consult

We pride ourselves on working with researchers who are brave enough to think outside of the box and perform studies with the utmost integrity and safety in mind for the child.

Our Latest Updates

Spring, 2024

Dear BHARE Foundation supporter, 

After a 10 year break we have decided to bring back our 13th Golf Outing.  This fun and exciting event will be held on September 6th at Fox Run Golf Links in Elk Grove Village.  See attached flyer for details.  If you don’t have a foursome we will pair you up.  Not a golfer?  That’s okay – help as a volunteer or come to the dinner and silent auction/raffle.  We have volunteers working diligently to make this event special and successful and greatly appreciate early registration for their inspiration!  

If you are a business owner please consider sponsoring this event or donating a prize for our silent auction/raffle.  We need your help to make this event successful.  By donating, you will be helping those in need, while also getting brand exposure/advertising.  Together we will make a difference.   

On a personal note, the past year has been both painful and freeing.  The reason I am able to once again spend time to help co-chair the golf outing, is my son Brenen, moved into a group home.  The proper term is CILA (community integrative living arrangement).  This was not an easy decision for my wife and myself, but, for our physical and mental health, needed to be made.  I struggled a long time to realize that in the long run, I would be better able to care for him (and monitor his care) if I live longer.  Living with someone with the behavioral and sleep issues of a person like Brenen, simply put, would reduce my longevity.  He is in a good place now, with a skilled staff that will meet his needs.  If you have any questions about more details feel free to contact me.   

If you recall the previous letter, the team at ASU and the University of Minnesota have worked together for several years.  The doctors felt the best way to move forward with FMT research and ultimately creating an FDA approved “drug” for those with GI symptoms with autism was to form a For Profit company (no different than a typical pharmaceutical company).  That process is now in the works.  

Gut-Brain Axis Therapeutics (GBAT) has decided to gift The BHARE Foundation shares in its company, due to our many years of support for the research that helped create this endeavor.  We will not change the way we have funded the FMT work.  Donations will continue to be made to ASU, through which GBAT (and any other researcher or company) will learn and benefit from.  The goal to help create an FDA approved product to treat GI symptoms in autistic individuals that I have yearned for over 25 years, will become a reality in the not too distant future.

Please support us in our efforts by helping those that are unable to help themselves by donating today.  For your convenience you can donate electronically via using Venmo or a credit card.

Thank you for your continued support,

Bram Hornstein

The BHARE Foundation     

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