Spring, 2022 Update

Dear BHARE Foundation supporter,

At the end of 2021 the CDC stated that 1 in 44 people under the age of 21 have autism.  The past 20 years improvements in awareness and diagnosing have occurred.  However, the enormous increase of those identified as autistic, indicates we have an epidemic that is not being addressed.  Research funding remains abysmal considering the amount of people that have autism.

There is more evidence that metabolomics play a role in ASD.  A recent study demonstrates the role that the gut microbiome may play in ASD.  Researchers in France, noted that the metabolite p-Cresol (urine and fecal levels) is more abundant in ASD individuals than in neurotypicals, and furthermore, higher levels correlated with the severity of autism.  They began a study exposing mice to p-Cresol for four weeks and noted social deficits and perseverative behaviors.  Transferring microbiota from these mice to control mice, they found the same social deficits and perseverative behaviors.  Finally, the researchers transplanted microbiota from control mice to the experimental mice and noted a return to normal social interactions, an elimination of the perseverative behaviors, and a normalization of p-Cresol levels.  This is more encouraging news that FMT, or at least finding ways to remove abnormal metabolites, will be major players in the treatment of autism.

While I have become more patient with age, I am still anxiously awaiting the results of the FMT study Dr. Adams and Dr. Krajmalnik-Brown are currently working on.  They have two studies running concurrently in regards to FMT, one being a child study and the other an adult study.  We should have results this year and hopefully a peer reviewed publication, soon after.  More work will be needed, so please help us fund this critical research and send a donation today. 

It is imperative that First Responders know how to safely and effectively interact with people with autism.  Fifteen years ago I created a program for just such a need.  Serving as a Firefighter/Paramedic for the Village of Palatine for 22 years, I have both a parental side, as well as a professional side to best explain how to perform in an emergent or stressful situation and end up with a positive result.  I have taught to dozens of agencies over the years and with your help of a generous donation to the BHARE Foundation, I will be able to provide a presentation to YOUR police and/or fire departments.  Please contact me if you are interested.

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Bram Hornstein

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